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Brookhills Golf Course, Springfield, Illinois – Tee Up

Golfers in Springfield, Illinois are lucky to have Brookhills Golf Course. It offers a top-notch golfing experience. This 18-hole public course is loved by players of all levels. It’s rated 98% for customer satisfaction.

The course is set in beautiful nature which makes the game even more enjoyable. Each hole is designed to challenge and thrill golfers. This course truly stands out among many.

Key Takeaways

  • Brookhills Golf Course in Springfield, Illinois offers an exceptional golfing experience for players of all skill levels.
  • The course features a picturesque setting with challenging yet beginner-friendly holes.
  • Brookhills Golf Course is a highly rated public course, with a 98% customer satisfaction rating.
  • The course layout provides a variety of hole lengths and pars, ranging from par 3 to par 4.
  • Golfers can choose from three different tee options, each with varying yardages and difficulty ratings.

Discover Brookhills Golf Course: A Golfing Haven in Springfield, Illinois

Brookhills Golf Course Scenery

In central Illinois, Brookhills Golf Course is a stunning place. It mixes a carefully designed course with the area’s natural beauty. The golf course in Springfield has lovely hills, neat fairways, and tricky bunkers. These features make playing here both beautiful and challenging.

Stunning Course Layout and Scenery

Brookhills Golf Course is well-known for its amazing design and setting. It has a 96.3% rating index and a course rating of 4.6 out of 5. Designed by Larry Packard in 1962, it skillfully uses the area’s natural features. This makes playing golf here both beautiful and strategic.

Challenging Yet Beginner-Friendly Design

Brookhills Golf Course is great for all types of golfers. The tee boxes are set up for both pros and new players. This means everyone can have fun. Beginners will find it a bit challenging, but that’s okay. Pros will enjoy the game’s strategic side.

Brookhills Golf Course, Springfield, Illinois: A Golfer’s Delight

In Springfield, Illinois, Brookhills Golf Course is a gem for golfers. It’s open for everyone, from rookies to pros, and offers a top-notch golfing experience. The course ensures every player has an amazing time.

As you start playing the first hole, the beauty of the course is obvious. The greenery is well-kept, providing a great surface to play on. There are also bunkers and water hazards that make the game thrilling. This, along with the views, feels like a break from city life.

The course is designed to be both challenging and fun. Skilled golfers will be tested by cleverly placed obstacles. But, the design is also kind to those who are learning, making it fun for them too. Everyone, no matter their skill, will enjoy their time here, and likely want to come back.

If you’re in Springfield or just visiting, Brookhills Golf Course is a place you must see. Its gorgeous views, well-kept facilities, and player-friendly design make it stand out. It truly is a paradise for anyone who loves to play golf.

Amenities and Facilities for an Unforgettable Golf Experience

Brookhills Golf Course amenities

Brookhills Golf Course offers more than great rounds. They have a golf pro shop ready to meet all your gear and fashion needs. The staff is always there to help, whether you need new clubs, snazzy clothes, or any golf essentials.

The course is not the only thing that’s top tier at Brookhills. They have awesome practice facilities too. Here, you can practice your swing and putting before you hit the course so you can take on any challenge.

Nearby Lodging and Dining Options

Are you planning a golf trip? Brookhills Golf Course is close to great places to stay and eat. There are plenty of options from cozy hotels to tasty local food. It’s a great way to add something special to your golfing adventure in Springfield.

With its awesome pro shop, great practice areas, and nearby places to stay and eat, Brookhills Golf Course is the place for a memorable golfing trip. It offers everything you need for a great time.

Planning Your Visit to Brookhills Golf Course

Heading to Brookhills Golf Course in Springfield, Illinois is fun and easy. Whether you want to play alone or with friends, the Brookhills team is there to help. They make sure everyone has a great time.

Booking Tee Times and Rates

It’s simple to book your game at Brookhills, either online or by calling. There are varied rates at Brookhills Golf Course to fit any budget. For example, the Blue tee costs about $58.80/96, the White tee is $58.60/93, and the Red tee is $57.00/85, with a par score of 31. It’s smart to book early, especially for popular times.

Hosting Golf Tournaments and Outings

For golf tournaments and golf outings, Brookhills Golf Course is perfect in Springfield. The course has beautiful views, great facilities, and a helpful staff. It’s a great place for fun and friendly competition, whether for a company, a charity, or a group trip. The Brookhills team is eager to make your event fantastic for everyone involved.

Exploring Brookhills Golf Course’s appeal and challenges is a breeze. You should start planning your trip now to enjoy Springfield, Illinois’s top golfing spot.


Brookhills Golf Course in Springfield, Illinois, is a fantastic place to play golf. It combines beautiful scenery with a well-designed course and great facilities. It’s perfect for both experienced players and beginners to have a fun time and make memories.

This golf course is both challenging and good for newcomers. It lets all kinds of players enjoy the game while working on their skills. The scenery and peaceful surroundings make every game special at Brookhills.

When planning your next golf game, think about Brookhills Golf Course. It stands out as an amazing place to play, wanting you to come back for more. Enjoy the beauty and excitement of this course and make memories that last.

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